Pride 2018 June 30th at Blackbird Hall

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Surrey Pride will be Featuring Beer&Wine Garden - More Stages 
Youth Venue - After Pride Party (Adult) - Family Friendly 

Surrey Pride's Upcoming Events

 Surrey Pride's  2018 

Pride & Moving Forward Is Our Journey


Looking to Showcase Your 
      Miraculous Talent

Surrey Pride Society is taking applications for Outstanding Performers of all aspects for Surrey Pride Festival June 30th, 2018 at The Flamingo, 10768 King George Hwy, (MAP

Surrey, BC. If your interested download application here  and complete and lets get the show on the road !!! 

Surrey Pride Sponorships

Surrey Pride will be a Week Long Event Featuring Kick Off To Pride Dance - Drag Show Absolute - Beer Garden - More Stages Youth Venue After Pride Partys (Adult&Youth) Family Friendly and more, resulting in even more exposure for your Business or Organization to Surreys Growing Community. Please download Sponorship Package Here and make Your Business or Organization and Surrey Pride Festival 2018 a Prodigious Opulence !!!!

   Vendors Call Out For
Surrey Pride Festival 2018

This Year New Location Centerly Located Means More Exposure New Lower Rates Plus We have Outside and Inside  Main and Youth Venues Plus Adult Located in Beer Garden Venue And Food Vendors have Extended Hours this Year 11AM to 10PM If Desired Please download Vendor Package HERE and for Food Truck Vendor Package HERE 

2018 Sponsors

Thank You For Supporting Our Journey For 2018 Pride

Public Service Alliance Of            Canada BC Region
      Silver Sponsor

PSAC members in BC are employed in large and small communities throughout the province. Most of us work for the federal government, agencies, and crown corporations and an increasing number work in the private and community services sectors. We preserve Canada’s natural and historic heritage, we collect statistics for the business community, we maintain airport runways and navigation systems, we monitor fish stocks, we provide support to the military and RCMP, we administer pensions and employment insurance, we respond to emergencies at airports and at sea, we predict the weather, we do agricultural research, we help new Canadians get settled, we stop guns and drugs at the border, we make sure your food is safe to eat, we work with inmates and parolees, we support veterans and their families and we send you your tax refund. We do all this, and more.

Downtown Surrey Business  Association


  • Creating a vibrant, safe, and livable downtown
  • Fostering positive community and government partnerships
  • Supporting positive investment climate
  • Collaborating for a safer community
  • Promoting revitalization and community development

LOUD Gay Lesbian Business           Association of BC

We, as members of the Gay and Lesbian Business Association of British Columbia, strive to recognize, promote, and improve gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/supportive businesses and thegay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/

supportive business community wherever possible. To this end, members agree to be honour-bound by these Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics:

  • A member will conduct business with honesty, integrity and fairness with respect to customers, clients and employees alike.
  • A member will be accessible and accountable to customers or clients, and make every reasonable effort to act for the customers' or clients' best interest and benefit.
  • A member will not discriminate based on race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, gender or sexual orientation.
  • A member will be responsible at all times for truthful and non-deceptive advertising and promotion regarding their business and its products or services.
  • A member will conduct business with strict adherence to the laws of their respective city/province of business, and to business or professional codes existent for the particular business or profession, and in accordance with generally accepted business practices.
  • A member will support the ideals and goals of this organization, as well as support thegay/lesbian/bisexual/ transgendered community in general, in a constructive & positive manner.