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Surrey Pride Society

Board Team

2016 - 2017


                                                     Surrey Pride Society AGM 2017

Subject: AGM Notice - Surrey Pride Society - Thursday September 21, 2017

The Surrey Pride Society’s Annual AGM will be held on Thursday September 21, 2017.

Place:         City Centre Library

Address:     10350 University Drive, Room #120 Surrey, BC

Website for more Info:


Registration: 6:30pm to 6:55pm (please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to complete your new membership application or renewal).

Meeting: Starts at 7:00pm sharp

As part of the meeting, we will be holding an election for all positions including the Executive and Directors of the Board.

Nominees must be a member in good standing of the Surrey Pride Society prior to the start of the meeting. A candidate for any board position must be nominated by one other member, also in good standing prior to the start of the meeting.

Membership Fee: $5.00

Parking is available underground at your own cost.

Skytrain station - closest station is Surrey Central Station and a short walk from there.

See you at the AGM!


Gary Munroe


Surrey Pride Society 2016 / 2017

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


                                              Surrey Pride Society Annual General Meeting

                                                          Monday September 26, 2016

                                                                   Society S-41946

LOCATION – City Centre Library

Room 120, 10350 University Drive Surrey, BC V3T 4B8


Call to Order:

The meeting was chaired & called to order at 6:51pm by Shawn Ewing, President of the Surrey Pride Society.


Attendance:  Shawn Ewing             -President

                     Karen McCormick      -Vice President

                     Gary Munroe             –Secretary

                     Angela Gallant           -Treasurer

                     Cathy Erickson         - Director

                     Christine Simpson     - Director

                     Morgan Mangell        - Director

                     Stefani Ibsen           - Director


Absent: Shekinah Levinsen, Director


10 paid members confirmed to be in attendance & in good standing for voting purposes with 4 proxies being produced.


Proof of Notice of AGM:


Notices posted on Facebook, Surrey Pride Website plus emailed to all registered members.

Current Membership: 26 members

Quorum required as per bylaws: 10% or 10 people

Number of members eligible to vote: 14 (10 members in attendance plus 4 proxies)

Number of members required for majority: 8


For the accuracy of the meeting & to assist the recording secretary, if you are standing to make a motion or comment, please state your full name (as per membership).


Approval of the Agenda:


Motion: A motion was made by Karen Ewing &  seconded by Melanie Palmer to accept the Agenda for Monday September 26, 2016 as provided.


     The vote was 14 in favour, 0 Opposed, 0 Abstention ~ Motion Carried


Approval of the Minutes:


Motion: A motion was made by Melanie Palmer & seconded by Christine Simpson to accept the minutes as accurate from the last AGM held on Wednesday September 23, 2015.


     The vote was 14 in favour, 0 Opposed, 0 Abstention ~ Motion Carried

Correspondence Received:


Gary Munroe reported that there was a NSF cheque received from the Surrey Tynehead NDP for $60.00 from their booth at the Surrey Pride Festival in 2016. Gary will contact the group for a replacement cheque and nsf fee.


Treasurer’s Report:

Angela Gallant went over the Income Statement & Balance Sheet. Karen McCormick inquired to see if the desserts for the Pride Dinner & Dance was included in the totals to which Angela said no.


Motion: A motion was made by Christine Simpson & seconded by Karen Ewing to accept the financials as reported.


      The vote was 14 in favour, 0 Opposed, 0 Abstention ~ Motion Carried


President’s Report ~ Shawn Ewing

Shawn thanked the board of directors for all their hard work over this past year. This past year has put us on the map with lots of news coverage stemming from the first Pride parade being held. Even though we took a chance & risk with our first Dinner & Dance, it certainly twigged an interest & was a good time & great mixer for both community & spirit. Surrey Pride Society should now look at partnerships within the community. Kudos to Whistler Pride for letting us look after a coat check at one of their many events. We also received excellent feedback from Alex Sangha and the S.E. Asian community. Shawn said the new incoming board is in a good position for this coming 2016 / 2017 year. They need to continue blitzing organizations getting the word out.


Election of New Board of Directors (bylaw Part 5):


The following positions are open for election. All positions are for a term of one year. Both nominations & Nominees must be a current member in good standing of the Surrey Pride Society.


The following positions are open for election:

            President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer & 6 Directors


Shawn Ewing chaired the election of the new board with no objection from the members. The exception was, Karen McCormick chaired the election for the Presidents nomination.


The newly elected board is as follows:

President:   Shawn Ewing                           Vice President: Karen McCormick

Secretary:  Gary Munroe                          Treasurer: Angela Gallant          

Director: Cathy Erickson                           Director: Christine Simpson

Director: Morgan Mangell                          Director: Stefani Ibsen

Director: vacant                                         Director: vacant




Karen Ewing was nominated for Treasurer - declined nomination

Melanie Palmer was nominated for Director - declined nomination






Motion: A motion was made Morgan Mangell & seconded by Christine Simpson to adjourn the Surrey Pride Society’s 2016 AGM at 7:25pm


     The vote was 14 in favour, 0 Opposed, 0 Abstention ~ Motion Carried


****For a copy of the by-laws, Proxy Form 2017 and Membership Form, please email: for a copy to be sent to you by email.****