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Our History - together forever and the journey continues.

In January 1998, Martin Rooney, Rob, Linda & Dar decided to have the first ever Surrey Gay Dance and put on a successful Valentine's dance in February of 1998. Then as more dances were held, more people became involved, this first dance would ultimately see Surrey gain a Gay non-profit society known as Out in Surrey Rainbow Cultural Society, and get established and ultimately OISRCS was responsible for getting the first ever Gay Surrey Pride Day/Weekend proclaimed by Surrey City Hall.

In February (14th) 1998 the FIRST Surrey Dance was held at Greek Hall on 160th & 82nd, followed by the FIRST Surrey Pride BBQ, Festival and Dance held at Sullivan Hall in June of 1999. Then in January 2001, registered in Victoria as a Non Profit Society #S-41946, this Society was born from the OIS Rainbow Cultural Society that diversified into 3 new organizations, EPAMA, Surrey Youth Alliance and Surrey Pride. (2008)

In 2012, OISRCS changed it's mandate and a new Society, Surrey Pride (registered in Victoria as a Non Profit Society #S-41946) by Gary Munro. We have hosted the Pride Festival yearly to present, 

2019 marked the 20th Anniversary and  Celebrations at Central City Plaza. It was one of the most successful Prides. The attendance was in excess of 3000 with 86 vendor booths. The vendor site was located on 102 Ave directly in front of the Plaza.

2020 as the world got hit with Covid we had to alter those year's plans and host out first virtual Pride. As challenging as that was it was a huge success, professionally produced and watched by in excess of 4000 people.

2021 as Covid was still prevalent it was decided that an in person pride was not going to happen, there was no funding available and Pride was not officially celebrated by the SPS.

2022 as we emerge from Covid the plan is to expand Pride events throughout each of the city's hubs, make all events more accessible and inclusive, ending with Pride Festival in the Plaza on June 25th 2022.